Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds made (hilarious) ads for each others' products

The two actors are playing on their online 'feud' to promote Laughing Man Coffee and Aviation Gin

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Feb 06, 2019

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Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds play on their social media 'feud' in a new online film that sees them making ads for each others own brands. 

The two actors have been exchanging mock barbs online for some time now, following their appearance years ago in "X Men: Wolverine." Reynolds even mocked Jackman's latest X-Men movie in the post credits scene from "Deadpool 2." 

In the new film, the idea is that hey've apparently called a truce. Except, Jackman didn't quite get the memo.

First, Reynolds shows off a sycophantically gushing spot for Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee (a real brand that invests in farming communities and claims to "give back to the farmers"). Jackman then reveals his effort, in which he slates his fellow actor and pours a bottle of Aviation Gin all over a table, saying he really ought to try it one day. (The Deadpool actor bought a significant stake in the US brand last year, becoming its owner and creative director.) Awkwardly, he confesses he didn't think the truce was "real." 

The film was written by Jackman and Reynolds together with George Dewey, and produced by Escape Velocity Content. It's running on YouTube and social media.