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Crowdsourced Project Has a Serious Message

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Nov 25, 2014

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TEDx Amsterdam kicks off on Nov. 28, and to mark the opening of the conference, local Amsterdam agency We are Pi came up with a fun crowdsourced project. But in the spirt of TED conferences, it has a serious message.

The Human Clock is a montage of faces from around the world, with the ultimate goal of having 24 hours worth of one-second faces. It's an open-source experiment that builds as each new face is added online. The underlying message is to promote the thought that we're all united by time, Alex Bennet Grant, managing director of We are Pi, told Creativity: "We wanted to celebrate the diversity and reach of TEDx, to unite the world in time and demonstrate the power of an idea worth spreading."

So far, 2,500 faces have been added -- and yours could be one of them. To take part, just go to and follow the instructions.


Nov 25, 2014
Agency :
We Are Pi
Brand :
TEDx Amsterdam
Client :
TEDx Amsterdam
Managing Director :
Alex Bennett Grant
Account Manager :
Sam Speed
Director, Strategy :
Jessica Perri
Strategist :
Andrea Van Den Bos
Executive Creative Director :
Rick Chant
Executive Creative Director :
Barney Hobson
Creative Design Director :
Nessim Higson
Art Director :
Kazimier Salemink
Executive Producer :
Kimia Farshidzad
Project Manager :
Ambar Surastri
Film Production Company :
100% Halal
Executive Producer :
Roel Oude Nijhuis
Executive Producer :
Gijs Determeijer
Photography Agent :
Anouk Dingelstad
Production Manager :
Lisa Snoek
Director :
Mees Peijnenburg
Photographer :
Maeve Stam
Director, Photography :
Tim Kerbosch
Sound Director :
Lennert Hunfeld
Photography Assistant :
Elmer Driessen
Photography Editor :
Roel Determeijer
Casting Supervisor :
Lou-Lou van Staaveren
Data Handler :
Tom Arkenbout
Data Handler :
Levi Verspeek
Catering :
Nanja Theus
Production Assistant :
Sanne van Bruschot
Production Assistant :
Sharda Fahmel
Production Assistant :
Lonneke Marsmans
Casting :
100% Halal
Editor :
Sanne van Hecke
Grading :
Composer :
Michael Kneebone
Website Hosting :
Animation Production :
Joe Fleming
Digital Production :

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