Swipe right on Timber, a new matchmaking service for treehuggers

Come to meet a few special plants, and stay to learn how to cut them down

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Feb 15, 2019

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Give it up to Bumble for pushing matchmaking services beyond the dating space. Meet friends! Network! And now, dendrophiles have a new way to meet eligible trees around the world.

Timber (get it?) is a tongue-in-cheek website littered with pictures of beautiful trees in natural spaces, complete with profile info for those who want to do more than just leaf-peep. An 80-year-old maple from Canada declares its sweetness, and a 250-year-old eucalyptus quotes Men at Work.

There are some highbrow offerings, too. An old pine from Nevada cites a Roman poet, and a lonely larch in Tunguska, Siberia, describes itself as an orphan, a reference to the 1908 meteor impact that flattened 770 square miles of coniferous forest.

Visitors who find a tree they’re interested in connecting with can start a chat, but the plants only respond with flora-related emoji. Soon, the site reveals its true purpose, promoting the Husqvarna Chainsaw Academy, an educational portal for the power tools and forestry brand. The site is the brainchild of Swedish agency Stendahls.


Feb 15, 2019
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Karin Branmark
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Sofia Säntti
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Klas Andén
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