Jonathan Harris Explores Lives of Lesbian Porn Stars In Latest Work

Interactive documentary only limited to ten viewers per day.

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May 03, 2013

Editor's Pick

Jonathan Harris, the tech artist behind seminal interactive pieces like "We Feel Fine" and communal storytelling site Cowbird, recently debuted his latest project, "I Love Your Work," an interactive documentary about women who make lesbian porn. Harris spent ten days following around the actresses, shooting ten second clips every five minutes, no matter what they were doing. That six hours of content now lives on a dedicated website, which features an interactive interface allowing users to dive into his recordings. Harris noted on his YouTube post of the teaser, "Most of the footage is ordinary (riding subways, checking email, etc.), but there are some graphic moments too. The project is less about porn, and more about nine different women navigating the complexities of life, youth , fame, privacy, gender, and sexuality in America today."

As unique as the content itself is the way Harris presents it. Only ten viewers can watch the project each day, for a price of $10 each.