Tullamore Dew Mixes Swedes Cocktails Based on Their Facebook Profiles

'Icebreaker Machine' Will Tour Stockholm Bars

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Jun 02, 2016

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Irish whisky brand Tullamore Dew says it is helping people "break the ice" in Swedish bars with a machine that mixes you a customized cocktail named according to your Facebook likes.

The "Icebreaker Machine," which will tour bars in Stockholm this month, is a physical machine created by Edelman Deportivo and Swedish inventor Andreas Hammer. Drinkers pay at the bar and obtain a unique QR code before having their special cocktail mixed for them by the machine. The idea is that the drink name becomes your topic of conversation with whoever you're trying to befriend/flirt with, and helps you talk about something other than boring conversations about work and weather. There are 5,000 drink combinations, with the name based on your music taste, check-ins and TV shows and movies you've previously liked on Facebook. Those not in Sweden can try it out online.