Ikea's sofas are so comfy you might turn into a cat

Latest U.K. ad from Mother continues campaign focused on Frakta bags

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Sep 26, 2018

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Ikea's latest U.K. ad fully captures that feeling when you really want to curl up on the sofa like a cat. Literally.

In this case, the customer goes from wearing a fluffy sweater and stretching in a kind of feline way to magically transforming into a cat as she unpacks cushions and throws from her blue Ikea Frakta bag and gets ready for a nap on the couch.

The spot is the second in a series by the retailer with the tagline "Wonders can come out of the blue," centered around the iconic Frakta tote (the one Balenciaga even paid homage to last year). The bag here is depicted as a magical device with limitless capacity from which products are pulled out.

The first saw a trio of older ladies unpack a set of new teacups out of their Frakta, bringing them an instant tea party and turning the cups into a giant fairground ride in an Alice-in-Wonderland style scenario. Another spot is yet to break. 

The ads, which have a somewhat magical and surreal quality to them, are by Mother London and directed by the Sacred Egg via Riff Raff Films. 

According to Ikea, the campaign is a new creative and strategic approach for the brand, moving away from its traditional "room-specific" focus and emphasizing how the addition of just a few new things that can transform the home. The approach, which is being piloted in the U.K. but considered globally, also includes a revamped "new at Ikea" hub on the U.K. website, and a focus on PR, social and CRM to announce new products and collections. In a statement, the retailer adds that this approach reflects "changing the behavior of shoppers, as the delivery of the physical catalogue gives way to a more digital retail experience."