Ikea is looking for paid workers for a virtual store inside Roblox

The campaign is meant to be a trial run for candidates considering a job at Ikea

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Jun 10, 2024

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Gaming has become a new recruitment tool for Ikea, per its new campaign from agency Mother. 

Ikea U.K. & Ireland has invited gamers to get paid to work at Ikea on Roblox—yes, real money. A “Co-Worker” game allows players to grow their careers in the virtual store by reskilling and moving into a new department or by taking on more responsibilities in leadership roles. The campaign aims to demonstrate what a career at a physical Ikea store could be like. 

The brand is also encouraging people to formally apply through social media posts and in-store posters at its real-life stores. The goal is to build the employer brand so that more people apply for roles in the future.

“When we say careers done different, we do mean it. To bring career progression at Ikea to life, it made sense to demonstrate the co-worker journey in a less traditional way, by ‘recruiting’ people to try it out for themselves at Ikea on Roblox,” said Kemi Anthony, marketing communications manager at Ikea U.K.

The virtual store opens on June 24.

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