Ikea curates products to make your office more like you're working from home

The 'Office Home Collection' is being marketed in Canada

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Aug 11, 2022

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It's a tough transition if you're heading back to the office this fall, after more than two years of working at home. But for many people, that will be the new reality, even if it's only for a few days a week.

Ikea is recognizing that shift in a new campaign from Canada, where it's marketing the "Office Home Collection." It's a curated range of products designed to make your office feel more as if you're working at home. 

Suggestions include its Lurvig cat scratching mat for your desk, if you're bringing your pandemic-acquired pet to work; a Poang armchair for sitting at your work desk; a pair of comfy slippers to work in and a cooling rack (in case your office kitchen allows for baking cookies our sourdough bread). There are also folding gym mats, strings of fairy lights, comfy cushions to help make your workplace more cozy. 

The social-led campaign includes film and static posts, running from this week through September 10.