Ikea shows its products destroyed by pets in cute campaign about affordability

The work from Ingo Hamburg is a sequel of sorts to last year’s celebrated ‘Proudly Second Best’ ads about parenthood

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Mar 26, 2024
A grey cat looking up next to a broken coffee mug

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Pets notoriously wreck homes. (I have a couch whose arms have been punctured by cat claws so often, they have a whole new texture.) Now, Ikea has some fun with misbehaved fur babies in a campaign pushing affordability.

Four print ads from Ingo Hamburg show the aftermath of pet destruction, with Ikea products as the victim. Next to broken cups and vases and ripped-up pillows is the line, “Don’t worry, you can afford it.”

The ads are wonderfully framed, with the pet clearly just discovered by the owner. Playing to type, the dogs look innocently playful, the cats psychopathically conniving.

Ikea ad showing a dog next to a ripped-up pillow

Ikea ad showing a cat next to a broken mug

Ikea ad showing a dog next to a broken vase

Ikea ad showing a cat next to a broken vase

The campaign is a sequel of sorts to last year’s celebrated “Proudly Second Best” ads from Ingo Hamburg and David Madrid. In that work, Ikea products saw their role usurped by Mom and Dad—for example, an infant is seen sleeping on a parent with a crib unused in the background. (The campaign is one of four finalists for Campaign of the Year at the 2024 Ad Age Creativity Awards.)

That earlier campaign was also created for Ikea Al-Futtaim, which encompasses Egypt, Oman, Qatar and United Arab Emirates markets. 

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Carla Klumpenaar, the client’s general manager of marketing, communication and interior design, said there’s been noticeable growth in the adoption of household pets in the region in recent years. “We wanted to introduce this topic through this campaign for the first time,” she said. Ikea Al-Futtaim is also launching a collection of household products for pets shortly.

“We are excited about this campaign, which on one hand brings the unskippable cuteness of pets, and on the other hand challenges marketing conventions by showing the products damaged,” said Tobias Ahrens, global chief creative officer at Ingo. “An honest story that refreshes the usual Ikea price communication style.”

Just as the “Proudly Second Best” campaign did, the new work also includes video executions, which you can see below.



Mar 26, 2024
Client :
Ikea Al-Futtaim
Client :
Agency :
Ingo Hamburg
Global CCO :
Liz Taylor
Creative Chairman :
Dr. Stephan Vogel
Tobias Ahrens
Creative Director :
Nicolás López
Creative Director :
Fernando Montero
Creative Director :
Tomas O'Gorman
Jr. Art Director :
Andrea Lopez-Boado
Jr. Art Director :
Prawidchaya (Jean) Tetanonsakul
Production Company :
The Producer
Photographer :
Alberto Escudero
Producer :
Irene Paz
Photography Assistant :
Katina Niklas
Photography Assistant :
Óscar Calleja
Production Assistant :
Oriana Nigro Acevedo
Art Direction :
Wuanda Velasquez
Art Direction :
David Moreno Fuentes
Sound Design & Mix Company :
Music & Sound Composer :
Camilo Remolina
Music & Sound Composer :
Jan Finck Barboza
Senior Compositing Artist :
Zarko Kitanovic
GM Marketing, Communication & Interior Design :
Carla Klumpenaar
Regional Marketing Manager :
Dina Al Sahhar
Regional Digital Marketing Specialist :
Merah Abushattal
Regional Marketing Specialist :
Houda Sfar
Regional Marketing Specialist :
Mohamed Maihoub

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