Published On
Apr 23, 2020


IKEA’s mission is to “create a better everyday life for the many people,” and in 2019, the company realized it could use technology to deliver on this promise to the 1 in 10 people in Israel living with disabilities who struggle with using traditional furniture. The resulting “ThisAbles” project hacked IKEA home furniture products to make them affordable and accessible. UM and IKEA wanted to give democratic access to IKEA’s iconic products through a 360° experience, communicating solutions to the audiences who needed it the most. During a one-week hackathon, IKEA created a range of add-ons such as couch lifts, easy handles and lamp button enlargers. “ThisAbles” is open source, so the project continues to grow as users add solutions based on specific needs and insights. What started in Israel has proven to be a global solution. More than 45,000 people from 127 countries visited the website during the campaign flight to download the add-ons.