Ikea’s blue bag gets even bigger in a pair of oversized campaigns

Mother just put up a giant bag billboard in London, as Ogilvy’s megabag continues to tour the U.S.

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Aug 24, 2023
Giant Ikea billboard in London

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Ikea U.K. photos by David Parry/PA Media

Ikea’s instantly recognizable big blue bag, technically called the Frakta, is the larger-than-life hero in two separate campaigns now running in the U.K. and U.S.

The most recent work launched today from Mother London for Ikea U.K.—an enormous 62-foot-tall, 128-foot-wide billboard at 214 Oxford St. in London. The ad consists of a huge blue rectangle with Ikea bag straps hanging from the top.

Huge Ikea bag billboard in London

Huge Ikea bag billboard in London

There’s no copy at all, as the bag just speak for itself.

This follows a U.S. campaign from Ogilvy New York that’s been running all summer long—and features its own blue bag, this one even more 3D. Ogilvy’s version, called “The Giving Bag,” is 19 feet high and sits proudly on the ground, inviting passersby to scan its price tag to unlock an AR shopping experience powered by Adobe’s new Aero Geospatial software.

The experience ends with an offer—a discount of up to 20% off to be redeemed at the nearest Ikea store location.

“The Giving Bag” is part of a larger Ogilvy called for Ikea themed “Affordable design. Endless possibilities,” which launched in March—the brand’s first major U.S. campaign since 2020. That work also featured the launch film below, also focused on the Frakta bag.



Aug 24, 2023
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