Il Barista

Published On
Jan 05, 2024


When it comes to Fiat, our job is to create visually enticing experiences that stick with you and feel connected to the brand’s culture and journey. This new Fiat 500e came went beyond a silent engine, it came with an iconic song. Hard not to notice, we knew this would turn thousands of heads already. This prompted us to explore… what is the extreme of a distracted crowd that can suddenly shift its attention towards the car? If anyone has been to Italy, they know that going to a caffe is one of the most hectic and loud experiences in the country. It’s uncontrolled chaos. So what happens when you make one of the noisiest spaces, silent? This tied in perfectly with the new Fiat 500e’s iconic engine. As the Fiat turns the corner of the coffee shop, everything becomes slow… dreamlike, as if the only thing that matters is the car. However as soon as it disappears, life goes back to normal because in reality… no peace and quiet lasts forever, especially in Italy.

Espresso shot glass overflowing with espresso  Crowd in coffee shop all looking in the same direction  Barista pulling an espresso shot behind bar  Fiat driving on the street with reflection of coffee drinking man in window