This Funny, Gross Poo-Pourri Music Video Is Like a (Very) Lost Episode of 'Glee'

Deodorizer Brand Invites You to 'Imagine Where You Can Go'

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Nov 02, 2015

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Are you nine years old? Or if you're not, do you at least enjoy potty humor as much as the average nine-year-old? Then this new music video from Poo-Pourri -- the very purpose-built deodorizing spray -- might be right up your alley.

Wait, did you just snicker at our use of the word alley? Great, because this video is chock full of similar references, including "butt trumpet," "hot-cross buns," "bootyhole," "code brown," "drop a deuce" and much more. Too much more, to be honest.

A Poo-Pourri statement proudly notes that this video "is predated by five others on YouTube with over a total of 100 million views." It's worth pointing out that Poo-Pourri is a past Ad Age Viral Video Award winner.