Impossible Foods taps Wieden+Kennedy Portland for (juicy) first national campaign

The ‘Yes We Do’ spots tempt meat-eaters with succulent scenes of burgers

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Apr 06, 2021

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Impossible Foods, one of the buzzy plant-based patty makers, is out with its first national campaign. Spots from Wieden+Kennedy Portland rely on closeups of meatless burgers and a deep voiceover meant to entice carnivores to cut back on their beef consumption.

The campaign, released Tuesday, includes a 15-second video showing a giant stack of juicy patties. “Scientists say beef is bad for the planet,” begins the voiceover in the “Yes We Do” spot. “But do we really care what those nerds have to say? Yes we do. Impossible Meat. Made from plants.”

A “We Love Meat” spot shows burgers being cooked and a cheeseburger making its way onto a bun.


A third spot, “Meat Places,” delves into how Impossible’s products are found wherever you find meat, “like the meat aisle, meat shop, meat store,” the voiceover explains.  

The campaign comes as the brand, which made a name for itself in restaurants such as Burger King before its U.S. grocery store debut in 2019, expanded its reach into Walmart and other chains, and is now available in about 20,000 U.S. grocery stores. Impossible Foods recently cut suggested retail prices by 20% for grocery stores to help spur interest in the patties, putting the suggested prices at $5.49 for patties and $6.99 for its 12-ounce package of plant-based ground “beef.”

“We are investing in a nationwide campaign to show Americans that Impossible products deliver the whole delicious, meaty experience people crave — without the disastrous environmental toll of livestock,” Impossible Foods CEO and Founder Dr. Patrick O. Brown said in a statement. “We can replace yesterday’s ridiculous, animal-based technology with a categorically better way of transforming plants into meat. And we can do it with zero compromise on taste, nutrition, convenience or family traditions.”

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