Photograph This Poster and You'll Detect a Deadly Childhood Cancer

Reflective Ink Conveys a Sign of Retinoblastoma

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Dec 08, 2014

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These interactive posters for U.K. charity The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust are designed to educate people in how to spot signs of a deadly eye cancer in kids.

Flash photography is an easy way to spot the early stages of retinoblastoma, as a tumor in the eye can reflect back a white pupil in a photography. Agency Wunderman photographed real life survivors of retinoblastoma and created posters using a reflective ink, inviting people to take photos of them with their smartphones (see them here). The pupil of the child's eye will show white in the photo, in contrast to the healthy-looking eye in the poster.

The posters will appear in doctors' offices, baby clinics and childcare centers to spread awareness among parents and carers.