Matthew McConaughey Looks Back, Moves Forward for Lincoln

Brand Debuts "Unscripted Moments" Starring Oscar-winning Actor

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Sep 04, 2014

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Matthew McConaughey made his official Lincoln commercial debut today, in a series of three spots created out of Hudson Rouge and directed by Nicholas Refn ("Drive") for the "Live Your Moment" campaign promoting the MKC.

Earlier this month, the brand announced and teased that the Academy Award-winning actor would not just star in the campaign, but would help craft "unscripted" moments that drive the ads. The intro spot, seen here, seems to allude to the actor's own career arc, with Mr. McConaughey stating, "Sometimes you have to go back to move forward." A second spot references his history with the car while another features the actor in a showdown with an 1800-pound bull.