Apple Unveils 3D Touch, Revamped TV and Bigger, Meatier iPad at 2015 Keynote

Watch Also Gets High-End Fashion Tie-Up

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Sep 09, 2015

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Today at its 2015 keynote in San Francisco, Apple unveiled a host of new offerings, ranging from a designer tie-up for the Apple Watch, a bigger and more powerful iPad, revamped Apple TV that includes Siri-powered controls and the new iPhone 6S, featuring a new "3D touch interface."

For the Watch, Apple introduced a partnership with high-end French fashion house Hermes, which included a new watch interface as well as luxury Hermes-created wristbands.

For its latest iteration of the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6S, it debuted its new 3D touch interface, which responds to finger pressure, allowing for a much broader range of interaction between your digits and the device.

Siri also comes to the re-thought Apple TV featuring voice-powered remote that allows users to ask the device to do highly specific things. For example, calling out a detail from an episode of a television show will automatically bring that particular broadcast up.

Perhaps the most exciting new product announcement was the iPad pro, a larger, meatier version of the iPad. With a 12.0 inch screen and 5.6 million pixels, it boasts the highest resolution Retina display of any Apple device. It's also powered by the new A9X chip. Engineered for this device specifically, it offers up double the graphics performance of iPad Air 2 and 1.8 times the CPU performance. The device can also be paired with new accessories such as the Apple Pencil, a sophisticated stylus that allows the user to create different brushstrokes just by changing the angle and pressure, as with a real paintbrush.