A Simple Glance Unlocks Everything (Including an iPhone) in Apple's Spirited Ad

Dougal Wilson Directs Spot Promoting Face ID Unlock

Published On
Mar 19, 2018

Editor's Pick

Apple calls on the talents of director Dougal Wilson (famed for his John Lewis Christmas spots including Monty's Christmas, The Long Wait, The Journey and Buster the Boxer) in its latest spot, promoting its iPhone X Face ID Unlock feature.

It begins with a student in a high school innocently unlocking her iPhone simply by glancing at it. But it doesn't stop there--everything she looks at also unlocks when she looks at it. It starts wtih a corridor full of a lockers, then moves on to cupboards and desks and has fun with every part of the school including the art room (think exploding paint), gym (where hundreds of bouncy balls roll out of an unlocked door) and science lab (perhaps our favorite, with frogs leaping out of jars and even a skeleton unfurling). In the final scene, she runs outside, causing mayhem in the parking lot and even unlocking the metal chain around the neck of a punk.

It's super-fun--and gets the product message across in spades.