Ireland bids 'F@%king' farewell to a whiskey traitor

Campaign for Keeper's Heart says goodbye to famous Irish distiller who decamped to the U.S.

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Mar 17, 2022

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Like many holidays, St. Patrick’s Day has certainly evolved under the influence of American culture—from its establishment as a day of remembrance for the Christian missionary in the seventeenth century, to Chicago’s green-dyed river. As such, the people aren’t happy that Master Distiller Brian Nation defected last year from his hometown Cork for Minneapolis to start the Keeper’s Heart whiskey brand out of O'Shaughnessy Distillery.

In its first ad campaign, from AOR TDA Boulder, Keeper’s Heart brings a message from the people of Ireland to their famed whiskey connoisseur. The resounding sentiment is: “Go f--k yourself, Brian!”

The phrase is repeated by a school librarian and a woman on horseback. It gets a few unique spins too, such as when a man mowing his lawn exclaims, “I hope you fall down a f--king well, Brian!” or with a fisherman who says, “I hope you fall off the f--king boat, Brian,” as he tosses a net overboard.

“Jameson has only had three Master Distillers over the last century and Brian Nation was the third,” said Jonathan Schoenberg, executive creative director and partner at TDA Boulder, in a statment. “Brian leaving Ireland for America was like Tom Brady leaving New England for Tampa Bay. It was a big deal and while his fans, friends and family will always love him, they are pissed. Brian was a great sport allowing all these people to tell him to fuck off.”

The spot, as well as a 30-second variant, will run across the brand's social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.



Mar 17, 2022
Client :
Keeper's Heart
Agency :
TDA Boulder
Executive Creative Director :
Jonathan Schoenberg
Creative Director :
Jeremy Seibold
Copywriter :
Dan Hawes
Sr. Art Director :
Mia Nogueira
Executive Producer :
Dennis Di Salvo
Director of Brand Services :
Paul Siegel
Brand Supervisor :
Whitney Uribe
Marketing Director :
Paddy Caulfield
General Manager :
Mike Duggan
Photographer :
Ben Perry
Production Company :
Director :
Ben Perry
Executive Producer :
Jonathon Ker
Head of Production :
Chris Crawford
Line Producer :
Max Carpio
Editor :
Ben Perry
Mix :
Coupe Studios

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