Isaiah Mustafa speaks alien (and Swedish and Japanese) in AICP call for entries

The Old Spice spokesperson shows his multilingual talents for the industry awards show

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Feb 25, 2022

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Actor Isaiah Mustafa demonstrated many skills in the original spot that made him ad famous, Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” But those were just a hint of his talents, as we see in this hilarious new video promoting the AICP Awards call for entries.

The new film, created out of Erich & Kallman, shows Mustafa speaking in an array of languages: Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Swedish—and even alien—to inform creatives from all over, including outside of the U.S., that they can submit their work to be considered for the annual show. 

Previously, the AICP Awards, steered by the industry production organization the Association of Independent Commercial Producers, had been reserved for work that originated in the States. But for the last three years, it has been open to submissions from all countries.

“As our international footprint has expanded, this film captures that scope while also reflecting the unique role our awards play in honoring excellence in both craft and creativity in this global community,” said AICP President and CEO Matt Miller in a statement. 

“Everyone in the world knows who Isaiah is,” added Erich & Kallman Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Eric Kallman. “And now he’s speaking to me in my language. And that’s what we think will make this film something people will relate to and want to share.” 

The film reunited Mustafa with Kallman, who had been one of the Wieden+Kennedy  creatives behind the original Old Spice campaign. It was directed by Adam Brodie of Arts & Sciences, with editing by Justin Trovato of Cosmo Street.

March 28 is the deadline to enter the AICP’s suite of awards, which comprise The AICP Show: The Art and Technique of the Commercial, The AICP Next Awards and The AICP Post Awards.

This year’s shows are chaired respectively by Mal Ward, managing director of Arts & Science, Scott Donaton, SVP and head of marketing for Hulu and Yvette Cobarrubias, partner and managing director of Cosmo Street. All the honorees of The AICP Show and The AICP Next Awards become part of the Museum of Modern Art Department of Film archives.