ESPN Wants to Protect NYC Marathoners' Abused Nipples

Broadcaster and W+K N.Y. Give Out Special Pasties for Race Day

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Nov 01, 2013

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There are many turn-offs to running a marathon: the achey joints, the dilemma about where to go wee and, of course, the chafed nipples -- the painful aftermath of t-shirts and jerseys rubbing up and down against a runners' chest over those 26.2 miles. ESPN and Wieden + Kennedy New York have offered up a salve for those sensitive body parts in this fun effort for the 2013 ING New York Marathon.

The sports broadcaster will be in attendance at the NYC Marathon Pasta Dinner tomorrow night, during which it will hand out special packages to the race participants, which will include bandages designated for each chest duct -- the left and the right. It's all part of the broadcaster's current mantra embracing the insane passion of athletes and sports fans -- because in ESPN's eyes, "It's not crazy to love running more than your nipples, it's sports."

ESPN 2 will covering the 2013 ING NYC Marathon live beginning at 9:00 am on Sunday, November 3, which marks the first time in 20 years that the race will be broadcast live on national television.