Burger King : Jay Leno


Published On
Apr 05, 2012

Editor's Pick

To call attention to its new menu items -- which sound suspiciously a lot like McDonald's -- Burger King and agency Mother began a new campaign using celebrities like Jay Leno, David Beckham and Mary J. Blige. They're funny, but we're not sure whether we're laughing at them or with them. Still, the way Beckham says "smoovee" is enough to make you watch this over and over again.

On the right, you can see the Leno and now-infamous Blige work. The latter has since been pulled, after people complained it was racist and frankly, just bad. The singer then said the ad wasn't complete yet, while BK said it was because of 'licensing issues.' It plans to resurrect it soon, but you can still watch it here. Warning: The song gets stuck in your head pretty quickly.