JB Smoove hosts the shortest podcast on earth for AT&T

“Straightforward with JB Smoove” is the latest campaign from BBDO Los Angeles for AT&T Fiber

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Apr 15, 2024
Cover art for the AT&T Fiber Straight Forward podcast with JB Smoove

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In an era when even your most unsuspecting neighbor is the host of a podcast, getting into a new series can be a nuisance, not to mention a time suck.

For those who aren’t fans of the length of some of these productions, AT&T Fiber brings you “Straightforward with JB Smoove,” a new podcast series inspired by its straightforward pricing.
The series’ 13 episodes range between 22 and 35 seconds and tackle everything and anything, from JB’s inner thoughts on the connection between quiet flooring and ninjas, childhood fears, the discrepancies between roller coasters and the Ferris wheel, advice on how to be a better lover and the secret to Zen (hint: to do nothing!), to the reason Kakadu plums—native to Australia—are less popular than oranges, despite their higher vitamin C levels.

“Podcasts are too damn long. Who has time to listen to dudes talking about cold plunges for 3 hours? We have stuff to do! Lives to live!” Smoove, the comedian and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actor, said in a statement. “That’s why Straightforward, hosted by yours truly, gives you exactly what you need, in as long as it takes you to tie your shoes. From being a better lover to a better human, I got you."
Created by BBDO Los Angeles, the series draws inspiration from AT&T Fiber’s straightforward pricing for its fiber internet plans.

Fiber broadband internet connections, delivered through fiber optic cable, are designed to work at higher speeds, offering faster uploads and downloads, better streaming and improved video chatting compared to cable internet. The length of each podcast episode nods to this quickness.

The series was produced in partnership with iHeartRadio and its branded podcast studio, Ruby. It is being promoted through 30-second “ads”—the podcast episodes—on traditional podcasts, essentially creating a podcast within a podcast.

“Rather than make another podcast we challenged ourselves to create the most straightforward podcast ever. You don’t need two hours to learn how to be a better person. Start by returning your shopping carts. Great, next episode,” said Ash Tavassoli, executive creative director at BBDO LA, in a statement. “And who better to give no B.S. advice than JB Smoove?”