Joy spills over in Coca-Cola’s new ‘Worth Every Drop’ campaign

‘Spills’ is a heartwarming embodiment of Coke’s ‘Real Magic’ brand platform

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May 07, 2024
A woman spilling her Coke as she hugs a man

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A new series of Coca-Cola ads show that what’s spilled isn’t necessarily wasted.

The “Spills” campaign features short scenes of people who experience spontaneous moments of joy while they happen to be holding an open bottle of Coke. In the midst of a blissful embrace or a celebration, the liquid escapes its container, but in the moment, nobody minds. “Worth every drop” is the tagline.

Here are two print ads:

A boy spilling his Coke as he hugs two girls at a party

A woman spilling her Coke as she hugs a man

“Spills” was developed by WPP’s Open X, led by David Miami and supported by Ogilvy PR. The commercials (below) utilize slow motion and reverse motion to highlight the splattering caramel liquid that’s in the background, but still very much a part of the action.


The campaign aligns with Coke’s overarching “Real Magic” platform, meant to highlight the brand’s presence amid moments of connection in everyday lives. This platform has produced other heartwarming messages such as “Masterpiece,” also from David, last year, and the brand’s WPP-led holiday ad.

“We aimed to capture what Coca-Cola truly represents: not just a drink, but the moments of connection it brings,” Edgard Gianesi, chief creative officer at David Miami, said in a release. “In our ‘Spills’ campaign, we celebrate those moments when the joy of being with loved ones is so overwhelming that even a spilled Coca-Cola becomes a cherished memory. Every drop is worth the moment.”

The TV ads will air in North America and Latin America, with out-of-home and digital ads appearing in the U.S. and Brazil.

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