These ‘travel’ postcards celebrate the glorious destinations of lockdown life

Creative project pokes fun at our stationary situations

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May 07, 2020

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During the coronavirus pandemic, so much for that spring break trip, or even summer vacation. The most traveling people can hope for is migrating from room to room at home.

Juan Carlos Ferrer, design lead at New York-based creative agency Minds+Assembly, has fun with this idea in a series of “travel” postcards that illustrate people’s limited mobility.   

Colorful postcards in retro style send “greetings” from household areas like the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, the window and one city dwellers know well–the fire escape. All display the hashtag #Stayhome.

On Facebook, Ferrer shared the postcards to the group NYC Ad Jobs & Networking, where he encouraged people to share them with others. His post received more than 550 reactions and nearly 90 comments.

Ferrer says the idea came to him one night when he sent a friend a picture of himself with a glass of wine and his laptop saying: “Greetings from the living room. Can’t wait to visit the balcony.”

“That made me realize that many people could be going through the exact same situation. Isolated at home, moving from one room to another," he says. "Then, I decided to create something shareable to help people smile, at least for a few minutes.” 

Although Ferrer has been fortunate to not get the virus, he says the project helped him cope with his own anxiety during this time. “It feels good to spark joy through creativity and design,” he says.


May 07, 2020

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