Kayak’s fishy new ads explain how to vacation like the ‘elites’

Agency Supernatural has more fun with conspiracy theories—and how expensive travel has gotten

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Jan 19, 2023

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Want to vacation at the same resorts that extras from the Mos Eisley cantina like to frequent? Kayak would like a word with you.

An amusing campaign for the travel site, from agency Supernatural, stars a pack of “elites”—mysterious creatures who apparently control the world, and who have made travel incredibly expensive so they can enjoy vacation spots without mingling with the riff-raff. These elites, though, don’t look human—they look like deranged dolphins. And they act as unpleasant as they look.

But it turns out they have company at these resorts after all, as Kayak helps ordinary, non-world-controlling humans to eke out deals to stay there, too.


The spots were directed by Tom Kuntz, with animation by Legacy Effects. The :30s and :15s are running across broadcast and social. 

"Travel can be expensive but there are still deals to be found, especially if you know some hacks,” said Matt Clarke, VP of NA Marketing at Kayak. “Our goal with these latest ads was to tackle the expensive stigma of travel head on while showcasing the fact that you can still travel by getting great deals through Kayak.”   

A second set of spots, also directed by Kuntz, feature would-be travelers in mundane settings at home who suddenly believe they’re rich—because their partners have just suggested a vacation that sounds expensive.


Both mini-campaigns are amusingly crafted and feel timely—with the economy on everyone’s mind, and conspiracy theories involving “elites” also a popular obsession these past few years.

The work follows the “Kayak Deniers” brand platform, launched in early 2022, which also touched on conspiracy theories.


Jan 19, 2023
Client :
Agency :
VP Marketing :
Matt Clarke
Creative Director :
Rebecca Hansen
Brand Director :
Stacey McMaster
Senior Content Manager :
Arielle Abilo
Senior Marketing Specialist :
Sarah Rauth
Co-Founder & CCO :
Paul Caiozzo
Senior Producer :
Emily Cabral
Creative Director :
Johan Leandersson
Copywriter :
Prit Patel
Copywriter :
Nathan Frank
Senior Writer :
Jorgen Sibbern
Account Director :
Katie Rochford
Co-Founder & CEO :
John Elder
Director :
Tom Kuntz
Producer :
Sophie Brooks
Director of Photography :
Rodrigo Prieto
1st AD :
Thomas Smith
Managing Director :
Avelino Rodriguez
Managing Partner :
Jose Barrera
Producer :
Pepe Aguirre
Art Director :
Christopher Lagunes
Wardrobe Stylist :
Paola Alfaro
Editor :
Dan Maloney
Legacy Effects
Casting :

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