A Kentucky artist used gravy from KFC to tie-dye these T-shirts

The drippy, brown works of art are on sale now

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Nov 20, 2019

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Lately, Popeyes is the fast feeder that’s been inspiring the most rabid and messy admiration. But a new project out of Lexington, Ky. might float the (gravy) boats of fans of the Bluegrass State’s very own chicken joint.

Local artist Coleman Larkin—perhaps best known as a poop archivist for his painstaking preservation of the stool of 1997 Kentucky Derby winner Silver Charm—used fresh, hot gravy from KFC to stain white T-shirts with a brown tie-dye pattern so gravy-lovers can show off exactly where their loyalties lie.

To pull off the stunt, he visited multiple franchises to buy entire gallons of gravy (for just $21.19 each). In true tie-dye fashion, he balled up the shirt, gave them a good dunking and then let them soak in the meaty juices.

The result is drippy, muddied couture sure to spark conversation (or a late-night chicken run). They’re going for $50 apiece while supplies last. And while real KFC gravy was used, the restaurant isn't officially involved.

The shirt is just the latest offbeat idea from Kentucky for Kentucky, the local tourism organization formed by Lexington-based creaties Whit Hiler and Griffin VanMeter.