KFC Canada is re-airing ads from 1990, the last time the Oilers won the Stanley Cup

Courage digs into the brand’s archive to try to give Edmonton some mojo in its Finals series

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Jun 13, 2024

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The Edmonton Oilers are struggling in the Stanley Cup Finals. Will KFC ads from 1990 help?

That’s the last time the Canadian hockey franchise won it all. And now, to rekindle some of those old championship vibes, KFC Canada is re-airing vintage ads from that year as a superstitious show of support.

KFC Canada agency Courage orchestrated the campaign. The ads—in all their charmingly awkward retro goodness—will go live in time for Game 3 on Thursday night, on TV and in social media. The Oilers trail the Florida Panthers 2-0 in the series, though Thursday’s game is the first hosted by Edmonton.


The campaign extends to throwback in-store posters and digital OOH outside the Edmonton arena showing the classic 1990s KFC bucket. KFC Canada is also bringing back its 18 for $18 bucket deal—another echo of the ’90s.

KFC digital board with vintage KFC bucket

“Our commitment to the Oilers goes beyond mere sponsorship. It’s about taking every opportunity to celebrate a partnership that we’re truly proud of while providing unique, unforgettable moments for the fans,” said Lauren Pottie, senior manager, media and regional marketing, at KFC Canada. “We know how crucial of a time this is for the Oilers and their fans, and we wanted to do our part and speak to this moment.”

KFC Canada vintage store signage

“ ’90s nostalgia is massive in culture right now, and we saw an opportunity to tap into not just a big moment for the Oilers but also travel back in time and tap into KFC’s rich heritage of iconic advertising,” said Joel Holtby, founder and co-chief creative officer at Courage. “With the Oilers in the Finals, we saw a chance to support the last remaining Canadian team and the brand’s classic advertising at the same time. It’s a total win-win.”

Now, the Oilers just need a win-win to even the series.

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Jun 13, 2024
Client :
KFC Canada
Agency :
Partner & President :
Niki Sahni
Founder & CCO :
Dhaval Bhatt
Founder & CCO :
Joel Holtby
Partner & CSO :
Tom Kenny
Creative Director :
Jesse Wilks
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Gerardo Agbuya
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Jesse Wilks
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Gerardo Agbuya
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Alex Karayannides
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Kyron Sobers
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Nick Lepp
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Zoe Fetsis
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Clair Galea
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Sarah Moen
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Rachel D'Ercole
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Raquel Mullen
Integrated Producer :
Tania Gaudio
Chief Marketing Officer :
Katherine Bond-Debicki
Performance Marketing Director :
Telly Carayankis
Senior Manager Media & Regional Marketing :
Lauren Pottie
Performance Marketing Manager :
Luke Melenberg
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Outsider Editorial
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John Gallagher
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Kayan Choi
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Kristina Anzlinger
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Denisse Pressacco
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Dana Ryan
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Alter Ego
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Hilda Pereira
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Eric Whipp
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Daniel Saavedra
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Jake Hussey
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Andrew Tavares
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Partner & Creative Director :
Roger Leavens
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Chris Stiliadis
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Kaliopi Kuzyk
Engineer :
Kara MacKinlay
Partner & Executive Producer :
Umber Hamid
Senior Producer :
Spencer Houghton
Senior Production Designer :
Joe Calleja
Senior Retoucher :
Simon Tuckett

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