Colonel Sanders is the godfather of 'Chicken Town' in KFC campaign calling out imitators

Latest ads by Mother include outdoor ads showcasing other chicken shops' logos

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Mar 22, 2019

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KFC pays tribute (well, kind of) to its many chicken shop imitators in its latest U.K campaign.

In a new TV spot, a sinister-seeming Colonel Sanders cruises the streets of "Chicken Town" to the music familiar from "The Godfather" (in fact it's a specially-commissioned Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performance of "Love Theme" by Nino Rota, released by Decca Records). "Welcome to the Wild West," he growls. "Home of the imitators." He wishes them luck, as he passes various shabby-looking pretender fast-food establishments with logos like LFC, QFC, Memphis Fried Chicken and more before pulling up at a shiny, clean, modern-looking drive-thru KFC. "There's only one Colonel in Chicken Town," the spot concludes after some footage of chicken being prepared.

KFC is also running outdoor and press ads (see below) along the same theme, featuring an A-Z set of different logos and the tagline, “Guys, we’re flattered.”

The campaign is by Mother, with the TV ad directed by Sam Pilling at Pulse.