KFC's 'Chickendale's' dancers will get Mom hot and bothered for Mother's Day

The fast feeder is also presenting a limited-time mash-up with Cinnabon

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Apr 25, 2019

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Friendly reminder: Mother’s Day is May 12, just around the corner. For anyone fresh out of ideas for a gift, KFC has you covered, with customizable videos sure to keep her lickin’ her fingers.

Wait, no, scratch that. These new KFC videos will help her turn “screen time” into “scream time.”

Nope, that’s no good either. Let's just say it straight: KFC and Wieden & Kennedy Portland want you to send your mother videos of half-naked, sweaty exotic dancers.

Clad in tearaway pants and bow ties, 10 actual Chippendale's dancers—led by yet another iteration of Colonel Sanders—flex their collective 60-pack while thanking your mother for all her hard work. To win Child of the Year, visit the Chickendales microsite, where you can put together personalized videos with The Colonel saying your mother’s real name.

As part of its Mother's Day celebration, KFC is also introducing a partnership with Cinnabon, featuring dessert biscuits slathered in the pastry chain’s signature cream cheese frosting. Another spot from W&K imagines how this odd match-up might have come to be.


This isn’t the first time KFC has gone the hot-and-bothered route for Mother’s Day. In 2017, it released “Tender Wings of Desire,” a romance novel starring a bodice-ripping Colonel. Does Mrs. Butterworth know?