Now you can craft yourself a KFC-themed cross stitch

The Colonel meets crafting as campaign via Iris celebrates 'all things handmade'

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Apr 03, 2019

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KFC is highlighting the "handmade" qualities of its breaded chicken in the U.K. with a campaign that taps into a current crafting craze for cross-stitch patterns. 

In a campaign by its digital agency Iris, the brand has launched an Etsy store where fans of KFC can buy five limited cross-stitch patterns with a KFC theme.  Wording includes lines such as: “When I die I want to be hand breaded and fried," "Sprinkle some sass like the Colonel" and  "Rub my feet and feed me KFC."

Customers who manage to complete the cross-stitch  and share it online alongside the hashtag #KFCHandmade are also automatically entered into a draw to win a free KFC meal. 

The limited-edition patterns can be purchased from the "Handmade by KFC" Etsy store priced at £14.99 (there are only 200 kits available). A one-off "KFC bucket sleeve" cross stitch is also up for grabs via the KFC App.

The proceeds from every kit sold will go to the KFC Foundation, supporting local charities.

Ross Taylor, creative director at Iris, says: “Having worked in a KFC restaurant myself I know the level of craft and care that goes into preparing the delicious fresh chicken by hand--but the reality is that not everybody else does. Sometimes all it takes is a simple and unexpected idea to cut through the noise and communicate the right message. Selling official KFC cross-stitch packs on Etsy, a platform that stipulates that products have to be ‘handmade’ to be sold there, made perfect sense.”