KFC drops the 'c-bomb' in campaign addressing chicken welfare

U.K. campaign from Mother also includes a content series

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Jul 26, 2021

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KFC threatened to "drop the c-bomb" in a new U.K. TV spot this weekend that takes the form of a faux press briefing with a bucket of chicken. Though the advertiser is known for its sweary humor (such as its 2018 FCK ad when it ran into supply problems and its 2019 campaign called What the Cluck ), the "c-bomb" in question this time is "chickens, chickens, chickens." 

The brand is addressing the quality and welfare of the chicken it uses—something it's been called out for in the past—in a new campaign from agency Mother that includes the TV spot, seen here, plus digital, social and print. There's also a new website and content campaign, Behind the Bucket

KFC will emphasize the fact that it's been improving its chicken standards over the past few years. For example, KFC U.K. and Ireland recently became the only business to be awarded top tier status in World Animal Protection’s "Pecking Order 2021" report, and in 2019 it signed the Better Chicken Commitment, with goals ranging from creating more barn space to introducing slower growing breeds. 

“Chicken welfare is incredibly important to us," said Jack Hinchliffe, marketing director at KFC U.K. & Ireland, who was promoted earlier this month to the role following the departure of Meg Farren to Asda, in a statement. "We’ve been on a journey over the last few years to raise standards and drive transparency—but we know we haven’t done a good enough job actually talking about chickens and their welfare head on. That’s going to change. In this campaign, we’re leaning into the very fact that we’ve not previously been as visible on welfare as we could’ve been. We want to send a clear signal that we’ve stopped skirting around the issue."

James Ross-Edwards, creative director at Mother, added: “KFC's commitment to chicken welfare is a big deal, so we wanted to make sure it got the attention it deserves. Plus, what an honor to be dropping the C-Bomb on national TV.”