Win the heart of Colonel Sanders in KFC's dating simulator game

'I Love You Colonel Sanders' to drop on Steam on September 24

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Sep 10, 2019

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KFC and Wieden & Kennedy have conceived so many ideas around modernizing Colonel Sanders that they’ve already come around to refreshing the old ones. When the fast feeder and agency first began their quest to make the company’s famed founder mascot relevant for today, they debuted an 8-bit videogame that introduced the world to the Colonel’s storied history (which included turns as an amateur obstetrician and aspiring lawyer). Then, there was that moment when the Colonel entered the WWE ring and also ended up in a wrestling-themed title.

Now, he’s the heartthrob at the center of a dating simulator game set to drop on Steam on September 24

“I Love You Colonel Sanders” gives you, the player, a chance to win the heart of the company’s white-suited, bolo-tied founder. The premise, according to KFC, is this: You are a student at a culinary institution called University of Cooking School: Academy for Learning. Colonel Sanders, it seems, will be a fellow student, who enrolls as part of his quest to become the world’s greatest chicken salesman. Through three different acts, you have to tackle the mental, physical and social challenges of the kitchen while working your way into the Colonel’s heart. From the visual and musical stylings of the trailer (and the sound of the plot), the idea seems to pull from the soapy textbook of Japanese manga and anime. Production company Psyop, which has created other fantastic ads in this genre, helped to create the game.