KFC turned its receipts and menus into napkins so customers can eat with their hands more easily

'Napkinized' campaign will roll out in 87 restaurants across the UAE and Lebanon

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Feb 24, 2020

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KFC seems to be doubling down on its famous “finger-lickin’ good” proposition. In the U.K. it debuted a new campaign that depicts various patrons sucking away at their own digits, while in the Middle East, it’s making it easier for customers to eat with their hands—by turning all its print collateral into paper towels.


In the Middle East, the brand has “napkinized” some of its restaurants in order to make it easier for people to clean up when they eat without using utensils. KFC created its menus, food bags, posters, flyers, placemats and even receipts in restaurants in Dubai and Beirut out of special ink-resistant, eco-friendly tissue paper so that customers can use any of it to wipe off after chowing down. The initiative, created out of TBWA/RAAD will eventually roll out to 87 KFC restaurants in the UAE and Lebanon.