KFC made a shirt that is also a picnic blanket

You wear it while your friends eat on it

Published On
Jul 24, 2019

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KFC chicken buckets are a picnic staple, given the convenience of the packaging and how easy it is to eat the finger-lickin’ good pieces. And now, in time for National Picnic Month and National Drive-Thru Day on July 24, the fast feeder is going all in to celebrate the summertime tradition with a new piece of gear: a shirt that doubles as a picnic blanket. 

Bearing the chicken chain’s red and white signature colors in that checked pattern long associated with outdoor eating, the polo has a special pull-out extension that you can easily lay onto the grass, sand, mall floor or poolside to provide seating for your companions. It doesn't detach, so you'll have to wear it as you dine—and forget about going to the bathroom until the meal is over. 

On July 24, KFC is giving away the accessory to patrons of one of its restaurants in Springfield, Missouri, the home of the company’s first drive-thru.

Fans not in the area can also enter a contest to win one of the "Picnic Polo" shirts on a dedicated site, PicnicOnUs.com.

“The Colonel was no stranger to bold fashion statements like his signature white suit and black string-tie, and we know that he would be a fan oft histrendy and functional Picnic Polo,” said Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer, KFC U.S. in a statement.  “After all, a KFC picnic looks good on everyone. Nothing says convenience quite like the Picnic Polo and picking up a finger-lickin’ good meal at the drive thru.”

KFC Picnic Polo illustration