KFC’s almost-obscene new ads show people lost in the ecstasy of eating

‘The more we enjoy something, the more ridiculous our grimaces become,’ says the agency behind the work

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Apr 12, 2023
A woman grimacing in pleasure as she eats KFC

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Fans of Office Space’s O-face scene will enjoy the new campaign from KFC Spain, which lingers—slowly, even a little obscenely—on the faces of those enjoying the chain’s chicken with finger-lickin’ abandon.

The work comes from Madrid agency PS21. It includes the video below—directed by the Blur Films duo Biceps, and set to Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful”—featuring seven amusingly staged slow-motion vignettes of folks enraptured to a state of euphoria by the chain’s food.

The outlandish expressions on the various faces of the subjects should bring a smile to yours, too.


PS21 says there’s an authenticity in the ludicrous visages.

“In the advertising industry, we are used to seeing TV actors smiling at products as if they were telling a joke. Who eats while smiling? Who bites and chews with a picture-face?” said Víctor Blanco, the agency’s executive creative director. “We all know that the more we enjoy something, the more ridiculous our grimaces become, and that's amazingly beautiful. This is the idea we want to share with the campaign, touching the audience with something basic as fried chicken.”

Here is some of the print work from the campaign:

A man with his eyes rolling back in his head as he eats KFC

A woman smiling with her eyes agog as she eats KFC

“This piece shows in a tangible and realistic way the experience of utmost enjoyment when eating KFC, moving you into an emotional state of mind in such an intimate and pleasurable moment as taking a bite of our fried chicken,” said Beatriz Martínez, brand manager of KFC Spain and Portugal.


Apr 12, 2023
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KFC (Spain)
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Víctor Blanco
Creative Director :
Ruben Sanchez
Creative :
Alfonso Moreno
Creative :
Ruben Caja
Creative :
Gonzalo Cordero
Creative :
Florencia Ilari
Creative :
Gema Díaz
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Ana Pintané
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Daniel Vazquez
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Pablo Buendía
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Michel De Larroque
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Sergio Hernández
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Pilar Llorente
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Marina Mateos
Digital Team :
Stefano Marchesini
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Guillermo Fernandez
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Sofia Aguilar
PR Team :
Paula Castellanos
Client Contact :
Marion Racine
Client Contact :
Kerman Romeo
Client Contact :
Beatriz Martínez
Client Contact :
Javier Dasí
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Jorge Aylagas
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Music :
Joe Cocker
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