The Kia Hamsters Kick Off a Fun-Filled, Musical Summer Bash in Brand's Latest Ad

The Furry Posse Returns With a Multi-Instrumental Extravaganza Featuring Nathaniel Rateliff

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May 26, 2016

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The Kia Soul hamsters are back to kick-off the summer season in another fun-filled ad from David & Goliath. The furry mascots long have been associated with thumping dance beats since they were introduced in 2009, but in this latest ad, they kick off a multi-genre musical duel with Nathaniel Rateliff, lead singer of the folk-soul R&B band Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats.

The spot opens with Rateliff in the park plucking the opening notes of Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith's tune "Dueling Banjos," perhaps most infamously known as the backdrop to the dark story of the 1972 film "Deliverance."But the song is all about positivity in this ad.

The Kia Hamsters happen by and one of them "responds" to Rateliff's challenge with his own banjo, leading into a full-blown performance by the hamster posse. That sets off a musical siren that beckons other musicians from around the city--percussion players, brass performers, even a sitar player--to come join in on the fun.

The tag reads, "The World Needs More Soul."

See how Kia and David and Goliath pulled it all off in the Behind the Scenes video.


May 26, 2016
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Feel Good Anyway
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David & Goliath

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