Burger King Recruits Construction-Spotting Pensioners to Oversee its Expansion in Italy

Cultural Phenomenon of 'Umarells' Inspires a Social Media Campaign

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May 10, 2016

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To oversee its expansion in Italy, Burger King tapped into a very country-specific group: "Umarells," or elderly retired men who spend their time nosing round construction sites and chatting about how they could build it better.

Umarells -- who even have their own Facebook page -- have become a cultural phenomenon in Italy. So, the fast food chain put out a call to recruit these guys to help oversee construction sites of its new restaurants -- and of course, it makes a fun social video. Agency The Big Now created the campaign.

Burger King has made great social media capital out of store openings in France, too, with campaigns such as "Whopper Move Out," which gave people the chance to move to a town where a BK was opening up.