KitKat infiltrated the FIFA video game to give players 'a break'

Campaign by Wunderman Thompson targeted Weekend League players of the popular soccer title in Malaysia

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May 12, 2022

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KitKat s the latest big consumer brand to target gamers, with a campaign that infiltrated FIFA to encourage players to "have a break" in line with its long-running tagline.

Created by Wunderman Thompson Amsterdam, the push targeted players in Malaysia, where FIFA is the leading gaming title among 25–35-year-olds, during the Weekend League, where competitors have three days to win up to 20 online games against randomly matched opponents in exchange for big virtual rewards.

On the weekend of April 22-24, KitKat infiltrated the game with 100-specially created accounts. It created the "Kitto Kath" squad, a unique team made up of silver and bronze-level players who are easy to beat. It included players named Kit and Kat, Australian Ryan Kitto, Germany’s Florian Kath, Norwegian John Kitolano and Japanese footballer Chihiro Kato.

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Unsuspecting FIFA gamers in Malaysia were surprised when their opponents from that squad scored an own goal and quit the game, essentially giving them a quick and easy win. After the win, players received a personal message from KitKat to "Have a break. Have an easy win."

"By using a modern-day Trojan Horse and infiltrating the game from the inside, we were able to bring our tagline into the virtual world and give gamers a break from the intense competition,” said Wael Jabi, global strategic marketing and communications lead at KitKat, in a statement.

“While online games are fun, they require your full focus and attention, so matches can become very competitive—especially when there are big in-game rewards at stake," said Nik Sluijs, senior creative at Wunderman Thompson Amsterdam. "We drew on our own experience as gamers, tapping into the etiquette of ‘gifting wins’ to opponents to help the brand connect with this community in an authentic way and express their iconic tagline in the world of gaming," added fellow Wunderman Thompson Senior Creative Joey Boeters.


May 12, 2022
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Wunderman Thompson

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