Air France Creates a Gum to Help Pop Passengers' Ears

La Gomme à Mâcher Will Help Alleviate Discomfort During Takeoff and Landing

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Jul 10, 2017

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Air France and its French agency BETC Paris had passengers' comfort in mind when they conceived a new product, La Gomme à Mâcher, a chewing gum to help travelers ease ear pressure pain during takeoff and landing.

It's well-known that one way to alleviate such maladies is to encourage chewing or sucking (parents traveling with babies, for example, know they should give their little ones bottles or pacifiers to help prevent their ear pain), so it's a nice move for the airline to package up a cure in a clever branded product.

La Gomme à Mâcher comes in two French-themed flavors, pistachio-macaron and crème brûlée, made in France with 100% natural products. The airline will distribute the gum before take-off on flights Paris to Los Angeles, to San Francisco and to Mexico City. Air France lounges at Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports in Paris will also offer the gum.

Consumers can also purchase the gum at Air France's e-commerce boutique and at Colette in Paris.

Air France is even extending the experience to Snapchat, with a Gomme à Mâcher-themed lens.

This is just the latest in Air France and BETC's passenger-minded moves. Previously, they created a service that allowed fliers to finish movies they started during their flight on the ground.