Leaky udders open consumers' eyes to bad car insurance rates

Zulu Alpha Kilo gets literal in first brand campaign for rate comparison site Ratesdotca

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Apr 05, 2021

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Shopping for insurance can be a pain, but choosing the wrong provider can lead to dire consequences, suggests this absurd campaign from Ontario, Canada rate comparison website Ratesdotca. The company’s first brand push, created out of Zulu Alpha Kilo, likens one woman’s high car insurance rates to her “getting milked”—quite literally.

The series of ads show the woman getting her car serviced at the auto  shop. Elevated on a lift, its underside is exposed to reveal that it has udders, just like those on a cow.

“There’s a problem,” the mechanic informs her while munching on a bowl of cereal. “You’re getting milked on your car insurance.” 

“Oh,” she replies, in dismay, looking up at the leaking teats, which the mechanic then uses to refill his bowl with milk. 




Other ads introduce coffee, kittens and more to build on the idea that the white stuff is free flowing, thanks to this customer’s poor choice of car insurance.

“Most Ontario drivers don’t actively think about their car insurance each year, and don’t realize they could be saving hundreds by comparing rates,” said Leonie Tait, VP-marketing at Ratesdotca. “We want people to shop their car insurance on a more regular basis to ensure they are getting the best rate.”





“We know insurance can be a dry subject and that most Canadians can be complacent about their automobile insurance renewal,” added Zak Mroueh, founder and chief creative officer at Zulu Alpha Kilo in a statement. “We knew we had to do something that would breakthrough and get the attention we were looking for. We landed on a very clear, but extremely memorable way of getting Canadians to think about their car insurance and realize that they might be overpaying.”




Outrageous comedy has become a staple of the insurance category, thanks to brands like Geico and Liberty Mutual. The humorous approach here, directed by Francois Lallier or Untitled Films, feels reminiscent of the Skittles school of out-there comedy, with its mundane treatment of totally preposterous scenarios.

The campaign also includes digital, and printed out-of-home billboards, including one featuring a 3D set of udders. There’s also a radio ad centered on an oblivious customer, “freshly-milked Jeff.”




Apr 05, 2021
Agency :
Zulu Alpha Kilo

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