Don't Even Try to Skip Through LeBron James' Workout Routine

Powerade and Wieden & Kennedy Play on Short Attention Span

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Oct 18, 2013

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Powerade teams up with LeBron James and Wieden & Kennedy for a 53-minute long film that painstakingly shows the typical workout routine for the basketball star. But don't you dare try and skip it -- life doesn't work that way. LeBron Time is housed on a special site, and was built with production company Haus. If you try to fast forward through the action, you're rewarded with a video of Mr. James admonishing you, delivering some words of wisdom, and overall making you realize that distractions -- and short attention spans -- just have no place when playing a game. The spot promotes Powerade Zero Drops.

It's not the first time we've seen video skipping being used for creative purposes. The Aussie Federal Police changed up the YouTube skip button into an actual action earlier, showing viewers photos of missing people and asking them to choose whether they had seen them or not.


Oct 18, 2013
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Wieden & Kennedy-Portland
Executive Creative Director/Production :
Joe Staples
Copywriter :
Chad Lynch
Art Director :
Danny Corrales
Director, Interactive Production :
Pierre Wendling
Executive Interactive Producer :
Mike Davidson
Interactive Producer :
Ben Sellon
Director, Broadcast Production :
Ben Grylewicz
Broadcast Producer :
Andy Murillo
Broadcast Producer :
Katie Reardon
Tech Lead :
Ryan Bowers
Studio Manager :
Matt Blurn
Studio Designer :
Edgar Morales
Studio Designer :
Randall Garcia
Studio Retoucher :
Amy Corcoran
Studio Retoucher :
Greg Radich
Director :
Head of Production :
Jeff Sommar
Line Producer :
Gillian Marr
Production Supervisor :
Larry Shure
Production Company :
Rabbit Content
Digital Development :
Head of Production :
Claudine Nichols
Director, Technology :
Dino Petrone
Creative Director :
Rasmus Blaesbjerg
Art Director :
Steed Griffin
Senior Producer :
Tracey McAvoy
Lead Developer :
Jason Buzzeo
Senior Developer :
Steve Scavo
Developer :
Caleb Jeffrey
Editorial :
Producer :
Yamaris Leon
Editor :
Katie Turinski
Editor :
Eric Hill
Smoke Artist :
Krysten Richardson
Smoke Artist :
David Jahns
Visual Effects :
W+K Motion
Executive Producer :
Michael Gersten
Visual Effects Producer :
Adam Nikolaidis
Motion Designer :
Mark Lundgren
Motion Designer :
Albert Yih
Motion Designer :
Sharon Correa
Motion Designer :
Peiter Hergert
Motion Designer/Pre Viz :
David Potter
Executive Producer :
Kelly Bayett
Mixer :
Charlie Keating
Executive Creative Director/Production :
Susan Hoffman
Creative Director :
Stuart Harkness
Creative Director :
Chris Groom

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