A Daredevil Considers Whether to Drink and Drive in This Thought-Provoking PSA

You Can Still Be a 'Legend', Says Ad from New Zealand Transport Agency

Published On
Jul 03, 2017

Editor's Pick

In the New Zealand Transport Agency's latest anti-drink drive campaign, a guy who's clearly a bit of "legend" rethinks his decision to get in the car after a heavy night.

As he stumbles bleary-eyed to his vehicle, he sees his bike helmet in the back and it sparks a montage of memories of what he gets up to with his mates: motorbike daredevilry, mud-wrestling, old car racing and generally being the life and soul of the party. These recollections of his life spur him on to do something more sensible: walk back to the house so he can live another day as a crazy party guy.

The spot ends with the words: "Drinking? Legends don't drive."

Created by Clemenger BBDO Wellington, it was directed by Nick Ball of Finch.