Lego is encouraging schoolkids to turn existing brick sets into 'greener' versions

Environmental initiative from Poland is part of its 'Rebuild the World' campaign

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Apr 02, 2021

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Lego has been encouraging schoolkids in Poland to think about the environment during the recent lockdown, by getting them to rebuild some of its existing Lego sets as "greener" alternatives.

The Green Instructions initiative, from Ogilvy Social.Lab Poland, includes downloadable sets of instructions that turn cars into bicycles, planes into trains and coal mines into windmills. The site also encourages kids to make other smaller items related to sustainability, such as trams, weather stations and recycling bins.

Part of Lego's ongoing global "Rebuild the World" campaign which is focused on the idea of the next generation making the world a better place, the project is aimed at educating kids in a country that is one of the most polluted in Europe but where there is no education in schools about climate change.  Lego also some provided video lessons based on the same "green instructions," given by a popular Polish online teacher, and it says that other teachers across the country have now adopted them.

The campaign is being supported by posters of parents and kids making the constructions, as well as a social media contest that asks kids to come up with their own ideas.