Lego's PSA calls on kids to be 'heroes' by staying home

U.K. government and the toy company's in-house agency worked with animators at A+C Studios to create spot in just three days

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Apr 16, 2020

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The U.K. government teamed up with Lego for a family-friendly PSA aimed at getting people to stay home over the Easter holiday.

The fun stop-motion animated video features various Lego figurines, including a news presenter, the Easter bunny and Larry the 10 Downing Street cat, with a message imploring families to "stay home and be a hero" by having a movie night, keeping two meters apart, and calling friends and family, rather than visiting them. The video ran on the 10 Downing Street YouTube channel ahead of the Easter long weekend. 

The Lego Agency worked with A+C Studios to produce all the animated Lego scenes and with Highly Unlikely Productions in London to produce all the audio, secure VO talent and deliver finishing for TV broadcast. It also worked with We Are Social Studios in London to produce all motion graphics and supers. Scripting, editing and creative direction is by The Lego Agency team.

Filming took just three days. At A+C Studios, an animation studio based in Margate, England, all the animators worked from home and there was just one stop motion artist with a ton of Lego. (See the behind-the-scenes film, below, for an insight into how they put it together.)

“Play helps children and families come together at the best of times–and the hardest of times,”’ said Emma Perkins, senior director, The Lego Agency EMEA, in a statement. “We wanted to use this brief, to create a PSA targeting U.K. families, to help change children’s perception of the lockdown by giving them a positive role–as heroes.”

"We'd set up the A+C Crew to work remotely a few weeks back—finishing other productions," added Dan Richards, director and owner, A+C Studios. "Spread across seven houses in Margate, we were all ready to jump onto this project and consequently, we were able to turn this work around in a short space of time. Not being 'on-set' and directing via web cams was at times frustrating but we’re super proud of what we’ve produced.”