Byron's poetry intertwines with enigmatic evening scenes in ad promoting Leica's low-light photography

Film by director Barney Cokeliess was launched with a special screening at London’s V&A Museum

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Oct 22, 2019

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For camera manufacturers, competing with the ubiquitous camera phone is becoming ever more tricky; particularly with campaigns from the likes of Apple iPhone and now, Google's Pixel 4, which arftully demonstrate how high quality phone photography can be, even in low light.

In recent years, Canon has done it by turning to big name directors such as Jonathan Glazer, and now Leica is entering the fray with a cinematic spot by director Barney Cokeliss. The new film attempts to capture the mystery of nocturnal photography by marrying Byron's poetry with enigmatic imagery.

Shot in locations including Soweto, New York, Berlin, Bucharest, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Paris, “Like the Night” follows several photographers as they wander through night-time environments looking for a moment to capture. Set to a almost toneless, almost rap-like recitation of Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty Like the Night,” the piece depicts the things that they see and capture on film, including a thunderstorm, the moon, a mysterious horse and even a fight. 

“Being able to shoot at night and in the street are hallmarks of Leica’s small cameras and fast lenses,” said Cokeliss in a statement. “Much of the film was shot on the famous Noctilux, which has an unheard-of maximum aperture of f0.95, so a film which journeyed through the night seemed right.”

"For me, the night has always been a time of photographic fascination and atmospheric mystery," he added. "I didn’t want to tell a straight narrative story, but instead make something enigmatic, with lots of implicit storylines.,”


Oct 23, 2019
Client :
Managing Director :
Jason Heward
Director & Writer :
Barney Cokeliss
Production Company :
Paddington Pictures
Director of Photography :
Barney Cokeliss
Director of Photography :
Philippe Kress
Music :
Anné Kulonen
Editor :
Ben Corfield
Edit :
Stitch Editing
Sound Design and Mix :
Ben Leeves
Sound Design and Mix :
Jungle Studios
Color :
Simone Grattarola
Color :
Myles Bevan
Color :
Time Based Arts
Duncan Malcolm
Production Service Company :
Bubbles Films
Production Service Company :
ICON Films
Production Service Company :
Them Media
Production Service Company :
Kojak Films

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