Lexus made a 60,000-hour documentary on Japanese 'Takumi' craft

Auto brand takes the idea of 'slow TV' to extremes with Chef's Table director Clay Jeter

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Mar 05, 2019

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Lexus is emphasizing its dedication to craftsmanship with a documentary about Japanese master artisanship that's 60,000 hours long. 

Launching on Amazon Prime on March 19th, "Takumi: a 60,000 hour story of the survival of human craft" takes the idea of "slow TV" to extremes.  Claimed to be the longest documentary ever produced, it is intended to immerse the viewer in the worlds of four Japanese master craftspeople who spend 60,000 hours (30 years working eight hours a day) to achieve "Takumi" or master artisan status. 

The documentary was created by Lexus's U.K. agency The&Partnership and was directed by Clay Jeter, director of "Chef's Table." Narrated by former British Museum director Neil Macgregor, it profiles master craftspeople Shigeo Kiuchi, 67, a master in "Miyadaiku," an ancient form of carpentry; Michelin starred chef Hisato Nakahigashi; master paper-cutter Nahoko Kojima and finally Katsuaki Suganuma, a "Takumi" who has worked at Lexus for 32 years and carries out final inspections on the production line. 

The point is to emphasize that, in a world where technology and AI can replicate or better anything man can do, human craftsmanship still has a purpose and could become more prized than ever. However, rest assured you don't have to dedicate 60,000 hours (that's 2,500 days, or over 6.8 years) watching--the documentary will sit on a bespoke player that allows you to fast forward (up to warp speed) to any point within the time frame. 


Mar 05, 2019
Client :
Agency :
Directed by :
Clay Jeter
In Association With The & Partnership London :
Saville Productions
Produced by :
Rupert Maconick
Written by :
Dave Bedwood
Executive Producer :
Andy Roberts
Executive Producer :
James Miller
Director of Photography :
William Basanta
Edited By :
J. Santos
Music Composed and Performed by :
Duncan Thum
Additional Music by :
Tyler Sabbag
Additional Music by :
Steve Gernes
Conversations With :
Shigeo Kiuchi
Conversations With :
Shinji Imoto
Conversations With :
Nahoko Kojima
Conversations With :
Katsuaki Suganuma
Conversations With :
Katsumi Kobayashi
Conversations With :
Mutsuko Yamashiro
Conversations With :
Yumiko Shigeba
Conversations With :
Daichi Kondo
Conversations With :
Osamu Tanaka
Conversations With :
Hisato Nakahigashi
Conversations With :
Sachiko Nakahigashi
Conversations With :
Kakou Komatsu
Lloyd Herman Curator of Craft :
Nora Atkinson
Director, Digital Factory of Formlabs :
Jon Bruner
Futurist and Author of “Rise of The Robots” :
Martin Ford
Special Thanks :
Dr. Anders Ericsson
Strategist :
Matthew Bamford-Bowes
Consultant :
Spiros Fotinos
Consultant :
Yoko Okazawa
Consultant :
Mika Sekine
Consultant :
Mara Panizza
Consultant :
Nick Howarth
Consultant :
Benedict Pringle
Consultant :
Sophie Holt
Consultant :
Anastasia Terzeon
Consultant :
Atsushi Fukuda
Consultant :
Natsuki Tosa
Consultant :
Masaki Kato
Consultant :
Sarah Firmston-Williams
Head of Production :
Michelle Travinski
Producer :
Daniela Huml
Story Producer :
Lindee Hoshikawa
Line Producer :
Tomo Sueda
Ad/Interpreter :
Mariko Niwa
1st AC :
Ezra Riley
2nd AC/ DIT :
Andrew Parrotte

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