Zoltar the fortune teller finally gets his own wish granted in Liberty Mutual's latest absurdist spots

A spokesman undermines his own testimonial and an actor flubs to hilarious effect

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Jul 24, 2019

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A strange new cast of characters take their turns to visit the Statue of Liberty in the latest spots for Liberty Mutual’s “Truth Tellers” campaign. The long-running series, which recentl got a comedic boost from agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, features testimonials from “real” customers about their insurance success stories.

In this round, the campaign continues its exploration of absurdity with new spokespeople who tell their improbable stories with straight-faced gravitas. Liberty Mutual helped one man lose weight and get in shape. But before he can finish his pitch, he interrupts himself with a legal disclaimer that casts doubt on everything he’s already said.

Fans of Tom Hanks will recognize Zoltar, the magical fortune-telling machine that had a key role in the classic film “Big.” Zoltar has obviously been on the move this entire time, since neither of his locations in the movie has a view of the Statue of Liberty. Now his circus days are over, as a Liberty Mutual customer frees him as thanks for suggesting the brand.

A budding actor struggles with the script in another spot. He’s more focused on preening than getting his lines right, but a slapdash voiceover saves the day. And a thrifty customer takes a suggestion to imagine what he’ll do with his savings a bit too literally. The spots were once again directed by Harold Einstein via Dummy Films.


Jul 24, 2019
Liberty Mutual
Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Chief Marketing Officer:
Emily Fink
VP Brand & Integrated Marketing:
Jenna Lebel
Assistant VP Broad Reach Media:
Lisa Paige
Program Manager Broad Reach Marketing:
Jacqui Cuccia
Chief Creative Officer:
Margaret Johnson
Executive Creative Director:
Danny Gonzalez
Executive Creative Director:
David Suarez
Creative Director:
Cam Miller
Associate Creative Director:
Joshua Hacohen
Associate Creative Director:
Dan Treichel
Art Director:
David Spradlin
Art Director:
Roseanne Overton
Craig Shervin
Kayla Lott
Production Director of Broadcast:
Tod Puckett
Executive Producer:
Leila Gage
Executive Producer:
Nick Sage
Senior Producer:
Justine Madero
Broadcast Producer:
Sam Tarde
Group Account Director:
Chris Ferko
Account Manager:
Kate Colantuono
Assistant Account Manager:
Samantha Manin
Business Affairs:
Anna Diokno
Senior Brand Strategist:
Marisa Perazzelli
Senior Quantitative Strategist:
Jessica Badrous
Brand Strategist:
Shaza Elsheshtawy
Production Company:
Dummy Films
Harold Einstein
Michael Kanter
Arcade NYC
Color / VFX:
The Mill

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