Liquid Death made its own Fortnite map, where you murder your opponents’ thirst

‘Murder Mountain,’ built with help from Buoy Studio, includes an entire Liquid Death Corp HQ hidden underground

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Dec 20, 2023
Murder Man standing with a Fortnite avatar in Liquid Death's Fortnite map

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“Murder your thirst” has been Liquid Death’s tagline from the beginning. (It’s even printed on the cans.) And where do young people today engage in more gleeful murdering than Fortnite?

The beverage brand this week unveiled its new Fortnite map called “Murder Mountain,” accessed by using the UEFN code 8498-5199-9768 or by searching “Liquid Death” within the game.

The trailer below gives a good overview, but essentially you have to murder your opponents’ thirst—by throwing cans of Liquid Death, aka a “Chug Splash” at them—before you’re able to actually kill the convention way with your typical weapons. 

The map even includes an entire Liquid Death Corp HQ hidden deep underground. 


The world also contains dozens of Liquid Death easter eggs from past campaigns and content that players have to hunt to find. There is also Liquid Death product and promotional materials scattered throughout the “Camp Thirst” landscape.

One wrinkle is that no player—or thirst—actually makes it out alive. The last person standing has the honor of being murdered by “Murder Man”—a character who has a can of Liquid Death for a head, eyes embedded in his pecs, and a grinning-skull crotch.

“We made a real video game in Fortnite,” Mike Cessario, founder of Liquid Death, wrote on LinkedIn. “And we did it for a fraction of the cost of what other brands would spend.”


Dec 20, 2023
Client :
Liquid Death
Agency :
Buoy Studio
Co-Founder/CEO :
Mike Cessario
SVP Marketing :
Dan Murphy
VP Creative :
Andy Pearson
VP Marketing :
Greg Fass
VP Design :
Frank Dresme
Creative Director :
Will Carsola
Associate Creative Director :
Stu Golley
Senior Brand Manager :
Tia Sherwood
Senior Social Media Manager :
Rachael Mumford
Social Media Specialist :
Kendyl Blakeney
Senior Nihilist :
Brendan Kelly
Senior Graphic Designer :
Kellen Breen
Video Editor :
Tyler Beasley
Developer and Creative Collaborator :
Buoy Studio

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