Liquid Death makes $100K deal with NFL 'hydration assistant'

Brand conducted hydration assistant scouting combine in L.A. earlier this year to find its star

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Aug 10, 2022

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In its latest out-of-the-box move, eco-conscious canned water brand Liquid Death has inked a $100K endorsement deal with a major figure on the football field—an official NFL “hydration assistant.”

Today, the company announced that it tapped for the role a man named Travis Poulson,a seasonal athletic trainer for the Indianapolis Colts (according to his Faceook profile), making him the first-ever water person to sign a six-figure deal.

It also marks a first for the brand. Though Liquid Death has established a number of collaborations with individuals over the years, including skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and “Jackass” star Steve-O, “this is actually our first-ever big money sponsorship deal,” said Liquid Death VP of Creative Andy Pearson.

A dramatic new spot announces the partnership, deifying Poulson in the process. “Travis Poulson isn’t a water boy, he’s a hydration assistant,” the voiceover intones. “They don’t get the contracts, they don’t get the brand deals, they don’t get millions of fans screaming their name—until now, because without water, pro athletes would all be dead. And no athletes means no football, and no football means no America. So Travis Poulson isn't just a hydration superstar; he's a god!"

To score the deal, Poulson had participated in Liquid Death’s hydration assistant scouting combine in Los Angeles earlier this year, during which the brand tapped Good Morning Football’s Kyle Brandt to provide analysis and commentary. 

The combine involved athletic trainers from both pro and college football teams, who participated in five H20-themed drills, including bench pressing water cases, water can long throws and a 40-yard dash with canned water in hand. The competitors hailed from Indianapolis and L.A.’s NFL teams as well as Division I and II college teams from Atlanta, Gainesville, Jackson, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington D.C.